Property Claims Over 24 years of proven experience in property insurance and claim settlement recommendations.  Our talent for working with insurance carriers and third party administration has honed our skills in property insurance service. We are committed to excellence and exceeding your service expectations

Liability Claims Our adjusters document, estimate and negotiate settlements on Liability Property damage claims quickly and satisfactorily

Expert Testimony and Consultant Mr. Heiden has over 24 years experience in Large Loss and complicated insurance claims. He is a State Class “A” Certified General Contractor and State Certified Commercial Roofing Contractor. Mr. Heiden has over 20 years experience in construction management. He is a past Chairman of The Sarasota, Florida Code Enforcement Board, Chairman of the Building Rules and Appeals Board and member of the Fire Board in the City of Sarasota, Florida

Freight Damage Claims Documentation and settlement recommendations of freight loss claims – Experience in finding unique salvage opportunities

Catastrophe Years of Catastrophe Claim experience dating back to Hurricane Andrew in 1992

Subrogation Documentation and Recovery Our years of experience allow us to spot subrogation opportunities. If cost effective, we pursue them tenaciously until resolved

Litigation Management Investigation of subrogation potential to achieve optimum recovery if practical. Years of experience have given us the expertise to know which attorneys would be a good fit with any given situation

Appraisal and Umpire services also available Mr. Heiden is experienced as an appraiser and an umpire