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These photo galleries show the variety and scope of our claims services.  Click on an album image to view photos.

Fire Damage

Fire Damage claims throughout the United States

[img src=]80Factory Fire in San Jose, California
An Elecrical short caused a fire a company that made electronics for video games in San Jose. They were underinsured however we worked with them and with the policy to get them up and running quickly.
[img src=]60Art studio fire in Livingston, Montana
The owners were using Walnut Oil as a brush cleaner at their Art Studio. Walnut oil has the same properties as linseed oil in that it "self heats" and "self combusts". Not much left. We helped them recover the money they needed to rebuild through the manufacturer of the walnut oil. The manufacturer of the product that did not name these properties on their MSDA data sheets.
[img src=]70Fire at a factory in Albany, Oregon
A factory that made water purification burned down when a machine caught fire.
[img src=]180Shop fire in Puyallup, WA
Fire damaged this milling machine that weighed several tons on the floor of a shop along with everything else they owned.
[img src=]80Fire in Burlingame, California
This fire started in a restaurant hood and moved down the block to this Oriental Rug showroom.
[img src=]50Wilefire in San Diego 2007
The fire gutted this home and car in the San Diego wildfire in 2007.
[img src=]110Home Fire near Atlanta, Georgia
Fire completely gutted this home near Atlanta, Georga and burned the family's two cars also. It took many months to get the home completed and careful patience to recreate their contents inventory and arrange additional living expenses.
[img src=]90Calaveras County California
A sad burned toy fire engine in a meth lab explosion and fire in the California hills east of the Stockton area.
[img src=]100Lake Tahoe fires 2007
Burned Residence and truck in the Lake Tahoe wildfires in 2007

Other Claims Damage

Miscellaneous damage claims

[img src=]140Collapse due to the weight of snow and ice. Sparks, Nevada
This is a warehouse in Sparks, Nevada near Reno that collapsed due to the weight oif ice and snow. The contents of the building were small toys destined for a famous burger chain.
[img src=]180Rain Event 2005, Los Angeles, California
Roof collapse due to the eight of water on a flat roof. This also destroyed over 120,000 blue jeans that were in the manufacturing process in this factory.
[img src=]260Nuclear waste container
This unit was damaged in a fall from a truck
[img src=]120Burst sprinkler pipes. Fairbanks, Alaska
Out of date sprinkler pipes burst at 50 degrees below zerow in Fairbanks, Alaska
[img src=]90Hardrive theft, Los Angeles, California
One million dollar hardrive theft in Los Angeles
[img src=]90Windstorm - Ocean Shores, Washington
A windstorm blew a tree through a house in Ocean Shores.
[img src=]60Kingston, Washington
Jim at a meth lab explosion claim.