Mr. Heiden’s Blog

We are coming up on our seven year anniversary and are very proud of the results. Hurricane season is upon us again and as all the Catastrophe Adjusting Companies gear up I have been thinking about my own experience working the big, big storms.

There are a few things I can recommend if you are in the coastal areas in the path of some of the Hurricanes.

Plan where to go to a shelter. Do not plan to stay home. The shelters are in hardened buildings. Your home is not built to the same building codes as the shelters are.

Think about hurricane shutters, either the commercially available shutters or homemade plywood covers. Try installing them, when the weather is good not when you are panicked and in a hurry. Number the shutters and you get to pick clockwise or counter but make sure you note your decision on the shutter #1.

Photograph or video the inside and the outside of your home and place the photos or disk or thumb drive in your safety deposit box or send it to a relative in a different city. If you home is destroyed by either fire or storm it will be a lot easier to show the adjuster the film or photos for both the home construction details and finishes. It will also help you remember all of your contents.